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For many years Calvary Redemption Center have envisioned forming a “Dream Center”, A community of fun and entertainment, a school, a medical outreach center, after-school programs, counseling and a vision center, where volunteers and friends of Calvary Redemption could come and participate in an active, thriving community of believers who live and learn together as followers of Christ. And for years this has been only an idea – but finally, we are taking steps to make this a REALITY.

What The Projected Vision is:

Community: We Plan to purchase, renovate or build a place where the community at large could come and play, have fun and hang out. Share ideas and testimonies, encourage one another in their faith.

Education: An On-site school will be built for the children of Calvary Redemption that will also be open for children in the greater community. Our goal will be to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders through mentorship, after-school programs. The teachers and administrators will be a combination of volunteers, retired and active teachers who desire excellence in education that goes beyond the rote memorization that plagues many schools in States.

Outreach: Our Goal is NOT to create a community insulated from its surroundings, but rather one that seeks to serve its neighbors. As an organization of Christians, our goal is to exemplify the humble and sacrificial love of Christ to the suffering and broken. Our plans include having a center for medical/dental outreach on the site, and clothing and food pantry that will partner with local churches as a bridge of hope to the community.


1 Samuel 1: 24, ..”And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her…..and she brought him to the house of the Lord at Shiloh. We hope that the Dream Center will be a place not only of rest and reflection, But one that stimulates individuals, children and visitors alike, to find their calling. The Hannah Center will be a place that will have housing for volunteers, a small chapel, a center for outreach, and most importantly a space where passionate people can share ideas, music, and art. A place that will define and prepare the next generation for greater things in the Kingdom of God. Partnership / Support: Our hope and prayer is that the center will someday be self-sustaining through the generous giving from our partners and supporters. If such a center could achieve self-sustainability it could be replicated across the region and the world. Other income generation projects may include talent shows, basketball games, concerts, grants, and fundraising.